Note: This help article refers to using Additional Forms on our original form builder.  Click here to view help documentation for creating Additional Forms using our new forms engine.

Additional Forms allow Level 4 and 5 team members to send requests for more information after submitters have already submitted an initial application. For example, grant organizations can use Additional Forms to request progress reports from their grantees. Or, in a multi-stage application process, organizations can send Additional Forms to applicants who have passed an initial review stage.

The Additional Forms feature is available by request for a fee. If you're interested in using Additional Forms, please contact our sales team.

Creating an Additional Form

Creating an Additional Form

1. Go to More > Configurations > Additional Forms.

2. Click the Create an additional form button.

3. Enter a Form Name. Then, drag and drop form fields from the Toolbox to your form, just like you do in the Form Designer.

4. Click Save Form when you're finished creating your form. Then, select Return to list.

Sending an Additional Form

1. To send your form to submitters, go to your Submissions list and select the checkboxes next to the submissions belonging to the submitters whom you'd like to contact. Then, click the Send Additional Form icon (shown below at the top of the Submissions list. (Note: You can also send additional forms within the Submission Details page of a specific submission. On the Submissions Details page, select Options > Send Additional Form. The additional form will only go to the submitter who sent that specific submission.)

2. In the Additional Form dialog box, select the Additional Form you'd like to use and type in a Unique Name for the form. The submitter will see the Unique Name at the top of the form.

3. Select a Response Template or type a custom message.

4. Choose your preferred return email address and click Send Additional Form.

5. The submitter(s) will receive an email containing a link to your form. After they fill out and submit the form, you will receive an email notifying you of the completed form. You can see the form data when you click on their submission and expand the form in their Submission Details page:

6. You can also check the status of an additional form by locating the submission associated with it in the Submissions list. A submission for which an additional form was sent will have an Additional Form icon located to the far right of the submission. Click the icon to see what additional forms were requested for this submission, and whether the submitter has submitted them back to you.

Note: Submitters can make changes to their Additional Form at any time by going to the link specified above in Step 5, making their desired changes, and clicking Update. These form updates will be reflected in the Submission Details page, and you will receive an email notifying you of the updated form.


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