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How can I set up automatic scoring for a Review Form?
How can I set up automatic scoring for a Review Form?

Use rating fields to attach numeric scores to responses in a Review Form.

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When creating a Custom Review form, you can assign numeric score values to answers by using one or more of the rating fields: Single Rating, Multiple Rating, or Dropdown Rating fields. These scores will be automatically tallied by the system and will show next to submissions in the submission list view, as well as be available through Submittable's reporting tools.

To set up scoring rubrics, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Forms > Review Forms

  2. Click +New Form

  3. Drag in a Single Rating, Multiple Rating, or Dropdown Rating field.

  4. The example below shows a Single Rating field. The review question is asking for an overall impression of the application being reviewed. In the left column are the written options that a reviewer will see. In the right column, a score has been assigned that will register with the according selection. Excellent = 15 points. Good = 10 points. OK = 10 points. Poor = 0 points.

5. When a reviewer completes the Review Form, they will see the review question in the following format. Note: They will not see the scoring rubric when they complete the review. In this instance, "Good" is the selected response, resulting in a score of 10:

If your form contains multiple scored questions, the result of all completed answers will be added together to produce a numeric score for the application.

6. When the submission is viewed in the submission list view, the average score of all completed reviews will be shown in the column to the left of the submission title:

7. When viewing the submission on the submission details page, you can click on the Reviews tab to view the average score, as well as a breakdown that shows how many reviews have been completed out of the total assigned, the total score, average score, and each individual reviewer's score.

Note: You can also download a copy of all reviews by clicking on the Download All Reviews button.


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