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How to use the Grant Form Autofill Extension to save time on repetitive fields.

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The Grant Form Autofill feature is a Chrome browser extension that saves your responses to common grant application inquiries. You can then autofill form fields with these responses, eliminating the need to retype answers repeatedly. Additionally, you can save new responses, edit existing saved answers, and remove any unnecessary entries.

For the Grantee who frequently fills out forms, this feature saves time and ensures uniformity in applications.

Download the Grant Form Autofill extension at the following link.

Enable the Extension

Once downloaded and installed from the Google Chrome store, the Grant Autofill Extension will automatically be enabled.

When you are on a Submittable application form, the Autofill Extension will appear in the upper right of the screen. Click the Submittable icon to expand the extension window if it is not already open. You can also click the Submittable icon to dismiss the modal if you do not wish to use it.

Track New Answers

If you haven’t used the Autofill Extension before, or if you are filling out new information, click Track New Answers. The extension will begin to automatically record your form field answers. While tracking, you will see a spinning icon to let you know that your answers are currently being tracked.

Once the extension has recorded answers to a form, new options will appear in the Autofill Extension window.

Autofill Form

Click Autofill Form to populate the form with your saved answers. The extension will use AI to search for any question prompts that match your answers. If matches are found, it will automatically enter your saved information into the form field. These questions will be marked as Autofilled.

We recommend that you double-check your answers for accuracy. You will be prompted to check a box to confirm that you have checked auto-filled answers before submitting.

Manage Saved Answers

Click the Manage Saved Answers button to see a list of all the answers the Autofill Form Extension has memorized. From the Manage Saved Answers section, you have several options. You can access this answer library from anywhere on the internet, even when filling out forms not hosted on Submittable. However, the ability to Autofill the form is only available when logged in to Submittable, so you'll have to use the Copy button described below.


Use the search bar to find specific saved answers.

Edit Answer

Click the Edit Answer button to make any changes you need to the saved answers. When the changes are complete, click Update Answer.

Note: You can only edit an answer when logged into Submittable.

Delete Answer

Click the Delete Answer button to remove a saved answer.

Note: You can only delete an answer when logged into Submittable.

Copy Answer

Click the Copy Answer button to copy the answer to your clipboard. You can then paste the answer into a form field.


The Grant Form Autofill feature does not automatically detect character limits on form fields. Be sure to verify the information before submitting.

The Grant Form Autofill feature will only work with the following form fields:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Short Answer

  • Long Answer (will not work if RTE is enabled)

  • Number

  • Date

  • Email

  • Website

  • Phone

  • Reference Form

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