Submittable's Gallery View feature enables organizations to run contests online for a public audience to vote on. Participating voters need to create an account or sign in to an existing Submittable account before they can vote on a submission. This helps preserve the integrity of the voting process and allows the organization to easily track votes. It is free and simple to create an account, and we will never share your information with a third-party, beyond the organization that is running the contest.

Please note that some organizations will require email validation for participating voters. Submittable validates voter email addresses by sending each voter an email which contains a link that each voter must click to validate his or her email address. 

Example of a validation email:

          Thanks for using Submittable. Our records show you've created a                                   Submittable account for Please click the                                 following link to validate your email address:          



If a visitor has logged into Submittable using Facebook, they will not receive a validation email, since Facebook has already validated the address.  


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