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How can I manually enter submissions?
How can I manually enter submissions?

Enter a submission manually on behalf of a submitter.

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Organization administrators (levels 4 and 5) can manually add submissions to their Submittable account that might come in via snail mail or email. ย 

To Get Started:

Click the gear icon located on the right side of the submission list and select Add New Submission. This will bring you to the manual submission tool:

If you know the submitter's email address:

  • Enter the submitter's email address in the first form field.

  • If they DO have a Submittable account, you can proceed to create a submission under their account. After you've added the submission, they will receive an email notifying them that a manually-entered submission has been added to their account.

If you do not know the submitter's email address:

  • If they DO NOT have a Submittable account, click here:

  • You will be sent to a form that will allow you to enter the user's name, then select the project you'll be adding to.

  • A new account will be created with a placeholder email address and the submission will be added to this account.

The new submission will not be associated with an actual submitter unless you've added their email address. Contact the Support team if you want to move this submission to a different account.

Finally, click the Submit Form button to complete the process.

Please note: The Save Submission button does not create a saved draft. You must finish a manual submission in one session.


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