The Gallery feature enables organizations to display submissions online in a gallery for a public or private audience to view. Gallery is a powerful tool for organizations who would like to share submissions with the public, host contests that can be voted on, or display an internal private display of submissions (e.g., inter-company only) in a gallery format.

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Setting up a Gallery
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The Gallery feature is customizable and is used for displaying videos, animated GIFs, images, as well as any information associated with displayed media files, or from the accompanying submission form.

Setting up a Gallery

  1. On your Projects or Forms page, click the Name of an existing Project/Form for which you'd like to enable Gallery, or click Create Project/Form to create a new Project/Form.

  2. Edit or create your General Settings and form in the Form Designer as needed. Then, go to the Gallery View tab. Click On next to Enable Gallery.

  3. Enter an optional Gallery Title. This title will appear instead of your form name at the top of the gallery.

  4. Enter optional Gallery Guidelines. They will appear at the top of the gallery, beneath the Gallery Title.

  5. If you would like to display the submitter's name for their submission in the gallery, check the Show Submitter Name checkbox. When this box is checked, gallery viewers will also be able to search the public gallery entries by entering entrants' names.

  6. For the gallery feature to work, you must include at least one field from your form that accepts image or video files. The image and video file types that you can choose from are [IMAGE: .gif, .jpg, .png, .svg, tif] and [VIDEO: .3gp, .avi, .flv, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .webm].

  7. In the What media files do you want to display? section, select the File Upload fields for which you'd like to show files in the gallery. Note that audio files, text files, and PDFs will only appear in the gallery if the submitter has also uploaded a video or image file for a gallery-enabled File Upload field; the audio, text, or PDF files will only show as downloadable links.

  8. If no fields show in the What media files do you want to display? section, click Update. You'll be taken to the Form Designer, where you can add a File Upload field to your form that accepts a video or image file. After you add this field, go back to the Gallery tab and complete Step 6 above.

  9. If you would like to display other Form Fields in the gallery, select them in the What other fields do you want to display? section. Form Fields that can be displayed in the gallery include the Title, Cover Letter, Text Box, Text Area, Dropdown, Checkbox, Checkbox List, Radio List, and URL fields.

  10. If your form contains fields that use checkbox lists, radio lists, or dropdown selections, you can customize the way viewers are able to search within your public gallery. In the What filters would you like to display? setting, select any of these eligible fields. Additionally, you can create a custom placeholder for each searchable field. For example, if your form contains a drop down selection list with submitters' responses for the state they live in, you can enable gallery viewers to search for entrants from specific states. You could enter "State" as the optional custom placeholder for this search functionality.

  11. By default, all submissions for this form will be displayed in your gallery. To show only certain submissions, click the Display specific submissions menu and select a label of your choice. Only the submissions for this form that you label with your selected label will show in the gallery.

  12. If any of your included form fields have been set up to generate auto-labels - or if you have manually labeled submissions to your gallery - you will be able to use the setting for What labels do you want to display? to select which labels you'd like gallery viewers to be able to see and search. For example, if you have submissions labeled according to submitter's age range, and you select all associated labels (age 10-20, age 20-30, age 30-40), gallery viewers will see an option to filter gallery submissions according to these labels. These labels will also be publicly displayed in the gallery.

  13. In the Sorting menu, choose the order in which you would like submissions to appear in the gallery. You can choose from oldest to newest (the default), newest to oldest, or random, which will randomly change the submission order each time a visitor visits the gallery.

Voting Options:

1. To allow voting for submissions in the gallery, check the Voting checkbox. Visitors to your gallery can vote on submissions by clicking on a submission to view it and then clicking the thumbs up button. Visitors may remove votes by simply reclicking the button. Each visitor gets a maximum of one thumbs-up vote per submission.

2. Note that when the Voting checkbox is selected, several other setting options will appear. These voting settings allow you to control how your public voting process will work.

  • When the Anonymous Voting box is checked, voters are not required to provide any identifying information to place a vote.

    For anonymous voting to work effectively, Submittable uses a third-party library (FingerprintJS) to help prevent fraud. This tool tracks IP addresses and browser information to verify an anonymous user's unique identity. As a result, clearing the browser cache or opening an incognito window will not enable users to vote more than allowed.

    In some cases, multiple voters could be using the same wireless Internet IP addresses, for example, in an office or a school. In these cases, we recommend that users cast separate votes by accessing galleries via a cellular network on their mobile device, which will register a unique IP address.

  • When the Email Validation box is checked, a valid email address must be registered with Submittable in order for gallery viewers to vote. Submittable validates voter email addresses by sending voters an email containing a link they must click to validate their email address.

Here's an example of a validation email:

If a visitor has logged into Submittable using Facebook, he or she will not receive a validation email, as Facebook has already validated the address.

Note: You can only have one of the two checkboxes (Anonymous Voting or Email Validation) selected in your gallery's voting settings.

  • If the Limit Votes checkbox is selected, you can determine how many votes you allow viewers to make per day, week, or for the entire period that the gallery is available for voting. Note: If votes are limited and voting is set to be Anonymous, then we track voter information by identifying web browser information. We may also check IP addresses so that voters cannot vote from different web browsers.

    Note: Voters can only vote for an entire submission. It is not possible to vote for individual files within a submission.

  • If the Show Scores checkbox is selected, real time voting scores will be revealed publicly on the gallery page.

  • If the Reset Scores box is checked, voting scores will be reset to zero daily at 12:00am. A record of each day's voting tally may be downloaded anytime by clicking on the hyperlink below the Reset Scores setting. You may also choose to reset scores manually at any time by clicking on the Reset Scores Now at the bottom of the voting settings.

Sharing and Saving

  1. In the Share Link to Gallery section, optionally customize the message that will appear at the end of submission confirmation emails when a submitter submits to this form. This message must contain the placeholder tag [gallery-link], which will take the submitter to the gallery page for their submission.

  2. When you're finished making changes, click Save Form.

  3. If you'd like to go to your gallery page, click Keep editing and scroll up to the Gallery URL section of the Gallery tab. Your Gallery URL will be generated. Click the View Gallery button to go to your gallery page.

Viewing and Navigating the Gallery

  1. After your Gallery has received at least one submission, it will appear on your gallery page. Go to your Gallery URL by clicking the View Gallery button in your form's Gallery tab. (Note: You can also access your Gallery URL by going to Forms and clicking the paperclip icon next to your form name. Click the link under Direct link to the Gallery for this form.)

  2. When viewing a Gallery, click on any gallery submission to view the file(s) within it. Click on files to view or play them. If there are multiple files in the submission, click the left and right < > arrow buttons to navigate between the files.

  3. To go back to the general gallery webpage, click the X button in the upper-right-hand corner of the public Submission Details page.

Downloading Gallery Voting Data

  1. Once your gallery submissions have received at least one vote, you can download a CSV file containing your Gallery voting data. To do this, go to your Forms page and click the name of the specific form.

  2. In the Gallery tab, scroll down to the Voting section. Click the Download list of voters link. (Note: This link will only appear if you've received at least one vote in your gallery.)

You'll immediately download a CSV file containing your Gallery voting data, including Submission IDs, Submission Titles, and voter information.


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