Organizations can add fields for internal use only to their submission or application forms in the Form Designer of the Form Builder. Internal fields are editable by Level 4 and 5 team members, visible to all reviewers, but never seen by submitters. They enable team members to easily add information to a submission form for internal purposes, such as recording how much grant money has already been disbursed to a grant recipient, or other data that is typically added to a form's 'for official use only' section. Internal fields can be made viewable to the submitter at any time, which makes them ideal for collecting feedback and sharing it with submitters at the end of your review process.

How to Add an Internal Field

1. In your Forms page, click Add Form or click the name of an existing form for which you'd like to add an internal field.

2. In the Form Designer tab, drag and drop your preferred internal field to your form. All fields can be made internal except for the Title, Cover Letter, Text Block, Table, Horizontal Line, and Reference Letter fields. Fields that control form logic also cannot be made internal.

3. Make your desired edits to the field. Then, check the Internal checkbox.

4. Make any other edits you'd like. Click Save Form.

How to Edit an Internal Field

5. After you receive submissions to the form, you can edit the internal field by clicking on the appropriate submission in the Submissions list.

6. On the Submission Details page, click the edit button to the right of the internal field.

7. Enter your desired information into the field.

8. Click Update Field. Reviewers will now be able to see the data you entered in the internal field. You can edit the field again at any time following the steps above.

9. If you'd like to make the internal field viewable by the submitter, go back to the Form Designer and uncheck the Internal checkbox for that field. Then, click Save Form. Note that this will make the internal field viewable by all submitters for your form.

10. Data from internal fields is included in submission data exports

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