Our Reminders feature enables Level 4 and 5 administrators to notify reviewers of any submissions they have not yet reviewed. Reminders are sent by email, and administrators can schedule reminders to be emailed once or on a regular basis.

To schedule a reminder: 

1. In your Submittable account, click on More > Reminders.

2. Click the Add a reminder button.
3. A reminder dialog box will open:

  • You can send a reminder once, daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • If you choose to send a reminder only once, enter the date on which you'd like to send the reminder. If you choose to send daily reminders, they will be sent at 12:01 AM in your organization's time zone. If you choose to send weekly reminders, select the day of the week on which you'd like to send the reminder. If you choose to send monthly reminders, specify whether you'd like the reminder sent on the 1st or 15th of each month.

5. Click Save Reminder. Your reminder will now be sent by email to the appropriate team or submitter(s) at 12:01 AM on the scheduled date(s). If you chose to send a reminder on the same day that you set up the reminder, it will be sent immediately.

6. Your scheduled reminder will show in the Show upcoming reminders section of your Reminders list.

7. To view upcoming or sent reminders, click the dropdown menu above your Reminders list and select the appropriate option.

Please note: The message is not editable. The bracketed information will be pulled in from your account.

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