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How do I attach a note to a submission? Who will be able to see it?
How do I attach a note to a submission? Who will be able to see it?

Notes with designated visibility can be attached to submissions.

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Submittable's Note feature enables readers to make comments on a submission that are only viewable to a submission's Assigned Team, or that are visible to themselves (as well as any level 4 and 5 account administrators). Assigned Team notes are useful in situations where you want to share your comments with fellow reviewers. Admin Only notes are useful when you don't want to influence fellow reviewers, and also in situations where you simply want to make a note that only you (in addition to the account administrators) can see and reference while completing a review.

To add a Note:

  1. Select the submission you want to comment on from the Submissions page to open the Submission Details page.

  2. Click on the Activity tab

  3. Type your note in the text box where you see the prompt to type a note...

  4. Select the appropriate option in the Visibility dropdown menu.

     5. Click the Add button to save your note and attach it to the submission.

The note you made will only be viewable to other members of your organization based on your visibility settings, and submitters will never see Assigned Team notes or Admin Only notes. If you want to communicate with a submitter, you must contact them using Submittable's messaging feature.

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