You can request agreement to terms when your organization accepts a submission.

1. Choose to accept the submission by checking the box next to the submission in the submissions list and clicking the green check mark button or by clicking the status button in the Submission Details page and selecting Accept.

2. A dialog box stating "You are about to ACCEPT 1 submission" will open. Check the box that says Request Agreement?"

3. You'll be prompted to include your agreement terms in the Email message box. Include the response template and agreement terms of your choice (such as any contract terms) in the Email message box.

4. Include other information as needed in the dialog box. Click ACCEPT and Send Response(s).

5. The submitter will receive your email message that contains your agreement terms. The email will include a link for the submitter to confirm his or her acceptance. When the submitter clicks on this link, he or she will be taken to an Acceptance Confirmation page containing your acceptance letter and terms. The submitter will be required to check a box stating, "By checking this box, I'm agreeing to the terms in this message" before he or she can confirm the acceptance.

6. After the submitter has confirmed the acceptance, the system will send an email to your organization and mark the submission with a check mark next to Accepted in the submissions list. You can also see the acceptance confirmation in the Activity Feed sidebar of the Submission Details page.


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