If you are part of a organization's review team, you can use the submission list search filter to find specific submissions you may be looking for in the submissions list.

Filtering Submissions:

To use your search filters, go to your Submissions List and click Show Search Filters. This will open your search filters options.

You can use multiple criteria at once, and there are a number of different criteria to choose from: 

  • Form: View submissions in specific forms

  • Review Stage: If your organization is using Multi-Stage Reviews, you can filter according to a specific review stage that submissions are currently in.

  • Start Date: View submissions that came on and after a specific submission date

  • End Date: View submissions that came before, and will come until, a specific submission date

  • Label: Filter by label

  • Assigned: View submissions assigned to specific team, all team, or unassigned submissions

  • Status: Filter by submission status

  • Rating: Filter submissions by whether or not you have rated them yet.

  • Add-on Payments: Filter submissions by whether or not they have received an add-on payment from the submitter for an optional purchase.

  • Completed Additional Forms: Filter submissions according to whether or not they have additional forms attached to them which have been completed. You can search for submissions that are accompanied by any requests completed, all requests completed, or no requests completed. 

Once you have selected your filter criteria, click Filter Results. To clear your filters, click Clear filters. To hide your search filters, click Hide Search Filters.

Note: if you sign out of your account, your previous search filter setting will be retained the next time you sign in.


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