Note: This help article refers to auto-assigning team members using our original form builder. If you joined Submittable after January 7, 2020, your organization is using our new form building engine. Click Here to view help documentation on setting up a Review Workflow and auto assigning team members using our new form engine.

Submittable enables you to automatically assign incoming submissions for a form to specific team members.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Forms link at the top of your page.
  2.  click the +New Form  button, or open an existing form by clicking on the form title.
  3. Select the Assignments & Notifications tab. In the Auto- Assigned Team Member(s) field, choose the team members that you want to be automatically assigned to incoming submissions for this Form
  4. Select (or leave unselected) the checkbox that says Receive an email alert for each Submission to determine whether auto-assigned reviewers will receive an email notification for each new submission that comes in. If the box is left unselected, notifications will not be sent.
  5. Click on Save Form.

Note: Selected team members will be automatically assigned to any new incoming submissions to the form. They will not be assigned to any previously received submissions to the form.

Additional questions? You can also contact support directly by filling out the form here.

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