Note: The ability to remove/add files to a received submission is only possible for organizations using Submittable's original form engine. Users of Submittable's new form engine must request that all changes be made by the submitter.

As an organization administrator using Submittable's original form engine, if you need to replace an attached submission file with a different file, you can do so by following these steps:

1. In the Submissions tab, click on the submission containing the file that needs to be replaced.

2. If you're seeing the File view, click the X button to the top right of the file to see the Summary view.

3. In the Summary view, scroll down to the File Upload section and click the Upload button (shown below) to add the new file. 

4. Optionally add a note to the submission.

5. Click the Select file button to choose the file that will replace the originally submitted file.

6. Click Upload File to complete the process. A note will be automatically added to the Activity & Rating sidebar on the Submission Details page, noting the date and time of the upload, as well as the name of the team member who completed the upload.

7. To delete the old file, hover its name and then click the trash icon to the right of the file. A dialog box will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to delete this item?" Click OK.


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