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How can I customize the Look and Feel of my organization's Submittable Page?
How can I customize the Look and Feel of my organization's Submittable Page?

Personalize the look and feel of your Submittable landing page.

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You can personalize the look and feel of your organization's submission page by uploading a header image containing your organization's name and/or logo and customizing its colors, font, and button text.

Note: Only Level 5 team members can customize the Look and Feel of an organization's Submittable page.
Click on the More menu at the top of your screen. Select Configurations. Then select Look & Feel on the left of the screen.

Selecting and Cropping Your Header Image

In the Header Image section, click Select Image and choose the file you want to upload from your computer. Your image will appear in the selection box shown here.ย 

Our maximum recommended file size is 982px wide by 220px high. Your header image should be at least 400px x 90px for best results. Files are automatically resized if needed. Accepted file types are PNG, GIF, and JPG.
After you upload your image, you will have the option to crop it. To crop your header, grab any corner of the active perimeter and drag it inward. You can also grab any edge of the active perimeter and move your cropped area around to place it where you want.

When you have finished cropping your image, click Save Image. If you decide not to crop it, click Save Image Without Cropping. Click Cancel to reset the dialog and upload a different image.

Choosing the Overall Look for Your Submittable Page

Choose your preferred colors, font type, and button text in the Page Styles section. All colors must be entered using hexadecimal values, or you can click on the blank box next to each style form and use the color picker. As you make your selections, the Quick Preview box will show a preview of your submission form.

Click Save Look and Feel. To clear and reset your selections, click Cancel and reset.

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