Inactive plans have certain workflow features disabled until they upgrade to a paid subscription. (Note: This applies only to organizations’ accounts; submitter accounts are free to create.)

Inactive accounts can still receive submissions that charge a submission fee. Submissions without a submission fee are limited to five submissions per month. You can export your submission data at any time.

Disabled workflow features include:

  • Rating submissions: Ability to use Thumbs Up/Down ratings or complete Custom Review Forms. You will be able to view past ratings and access Review Form data.
  • Changing the status of a submission: Ability to edit the status of a submission, including accepting and declining submissions
  • Messaging and notes: Ability to email submitters and add a note to a submission

To use these workflow features, team members can upgrade their organization’s plan by clicking the Upgrade Your Plan button at the top of any Submission Details page. Level 5 team members can also upgrade their organization's account by going to More > Account > Subscription Plan > Change your plan.

Questions about upgrading your plan? Contact our sales team at

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