If your organization's website is a self-hosted WordPress site, you can use our plugin to show your Submittable categories directly on your site.

To use the Submittable plugin:

1. Download and then upload plugin files to your plugins folder, or use WordPress' built-in Add New plugin installer. The plugin is called Submittable.
2. In your WordPress dashboard, activate the plugin (under Plugins)
3. Go to the plugin settings page (Plugins > Submittable > Settings)
4. Enter the subdomain of your Submittable URL. For example, if your URL is http://MyOrganization.submittable.com, the subdomain is 'MyOrganization'. Then, configure the other settings as needed.
5. Create a new page in WordPress. Enter the Submittable shortcode into that page: [submittable] (Note: You can also add the code [submittable] to any WordPress page where you would like your submission categories to display. Do not use the short code more than once on a page).

Links to your Submittable submission forms will now be listed directly on the page or post of your choice.

Questions? Contact us at support@submittable.com. 

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