Every Submittable subscription plan has a limit on the number of free submissions it can accept each month. 

Submittable will alert administrators (Level 4 and 5 team members) when their organization’s account approaches 80% of its submission capacity in two ways:

  • Administrators will see a warning message appear at the top of the screen when they log into their account. 

  • An email alert will also be sent automatically to the organization email address associated with the account (note: to edit this email address, go to More > Account > Profile). Please note that only submissions for which you do not charge a submission fee will count toward your plan's submission limit.

If you’re approaching your submission limit, you can upgrade your account to a plan with a higher submission limit (by going to More > Account > Subscription Plan). If you do exceed your submission limit, any open submission categories will automatically become inactive and be unavailable to submitters. The open categories will only go live again after you upgrade your account or on the first day of the next month, whichever comes first.


Questions? Please contact our Account Management team here.

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