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How to import a form into the AI-powered Smart Import Field

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Submittable has added an AI-powered Smart Import form field, which allows you to easily upload forms and automatically send their information to form fields.

If you are prompted to upload a W2 or 1099-NEC form, you will see a screen like this:

Click Choose File and select your W2 or 1099-NEC file to upload. Once uploaded, you will see the form as well as all the fields the AI has filled in:

Select the opt-out if you want to manually enter your information. If the AI has trouble deciphering your document, this can be used as an alternate method to add information.

Note: You will still be required to upload a valid document.

If the document you've uploaded can't be read, you'll be prompted to use a different file:


In the Review and Confirm section:

  • Select No, manually edit to make any changes to the information shown. Select Cancel Editing to leave Edit mode.

  • If the information is accurate, select Yes, this looks accurate.

Continue with your form!

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