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Use our AI Assistant to get started on Initial Forms in multiple languages.

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Submittable's AI bot can create grant application forms using predefined templates and then translate them into multiple languages, ensuring adherence to best practices while extending opportunities across language barriers.

Administrators with permission levels 4 and 5 can engage with the AI bot to create these types of initial forms (and more are coming!):

  • General Grant Application

  • Scholarship Application

  • Disaster Relief Application

  • Employee Assistance Application

The above form types can be translated into one of the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

To get started, ask the bot to create a new form:

Follow along with the prompts. Your form will be quickly created and offered within the chat module. By clicking on the provided link, the new templated form will open in a new tab and will automatically save on your Forms page:

Once you have opened the templated form, you can review and edit it to fit your precise specifications using the drag-and-drop form builder:

The AI Assistant can also recognize key terms and will offer helpful resources from the Help Center:

Stay tuned for more updates to this powerful feature!

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