Talentd allows you to configure a job opening to receive multiple files, meaning that a candidate can include more than one file with a single application.

Note: Multi-file applications are treated as a single application by the system. This means that you cannot rate individual files - only the application as a whole.

To Receive Multiple Files

  1. Go to the Openings tab of the main navigation bar. 
  2. Click Create Opening or select Edit next to the job opening you'd like to edit.
  3. In the Form Builder tab, make sure that the File Upload radio button is selected in the FORM TYPE box.
  4. Click the Attached Files field. In the FILE UPLOAD PROPERTIES box, below the acceptable file types, you'll see a dropdown menu called Number of files allowed?. Choose the number of files that the candidate is allowed to include (from 1 to 25).
  5. Click Done editing.
  6. Click Save Opening.

Candidates for this job opening will now be able to upload as many files as you specified in the dropdown (e.g. if you selected 8, they will be allowed to upload up to eight files).

Once the application is submitted, the files will be zipped up and stored in your Candidate Manager. When you access them, they will be presented both in the ZIP format and as the individual files. You can download the entire group or download each file individually.

Note: There are also some differences with the preview of multi-file applications.

  • You will not get an in-browser preview of text documents
  • For images, you will have a gallery view with thumbnails that can be enlarged within the browser
  • For audio files, you will have a simple "play button" on each file allowing you to preview each file individually

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