Oftentimes, Talentd Businesses have more than one staff member review a single application.  Involved in such a review scheme, readers may want to add notes that are unavailable to fellow readers on each candidate’s application.  Talented has a feature called “Private Note,” which allows readers to make comments that are only viewable to the creator of the note and staff members with a permission level of four or greater.

To add a Private Note:

  1. Select the candidate you want to comment on from the Candidates page to open the Candidate Details page.
  2. In the Add a note here... box in the upper left-hand corner of the page, type your message.
  3. Click the Private radio button in the Visibility section.
  4. Click the Add Note button to save the note.

The note you made will only be viewable by you and anyone with level 4 permission or greater. Candidates will not see Private notes. In order for a candidate to "see" a note you would need to choose the Submitter radio button.

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