To create or edit a job opening, go to the Job Listings tab of the main navigation bar, which shows a list of your existing job openings. Select the Create Opening button at the top of the list to create a new opening, or click on the name of an existing opening to edit it.

General Settings Tab

1. In the GENERAL SETTINGS tab of the Create New Job Listing or Edit Job Listing form, enter the Name and  Guidelines of the job opening. Both of these are seen by the candidate, so they should describe what the job opening is for and what the candidate needs to include in the application. 

For example, the name might be "Administrative Assistant" and the guidelines might say: "Fast-paced optometrist's office is looking for a part-time administrative assistant to greet clients, answer phones, process incoming and outgoing mail, and handle basic HR/payroll."

2. Enter the city/town and state/province/territory of the Job Location.

3. If you are going to charge a fee (application fee, etc.), click the Add fee option button and enter the amount you want to charge. When you enter an amount (minimum fee is $2.00), you will be shown a breakdown of the payment processing charges, the Talentd fee, and the amount that your organization will receive per transaction.

4. Optionally enter Starts On and an Expires On dates to tell the system to open for and close to applications on the specified dates.

5. Check the Hidden box to hide this opening from your job openings list. Candidates will only be able to access your job opening if you send them the direct link.

6. Check the Live box to make the job listing available to candidates on your Talentd page.

Form Builder Tab

7. Click the FORM BUILDER tab to build the application form that your candidates will use. Choose your FORM TYPE:

  • If you'd like candidates to upload files (e.g. resumes) with their applications, choose the File Upload radio button.
  • If you'd like to view applications in plain text only in your browser, choose the Plain Text radio button.
  • If you only need candidates to fill out a form (e.g. you only want to see cover letters), choose the Form only radio button.

8. Use the TOOLBOX to drag and drop your preferred fields to the form. You can also reorder the fields by simply dragging and dropping them within the form. Click on the fields in the form to open each field's PROPERTIES box and edit or delete that field. Read more about the Form Builder.

9. If you've chosen the File Upload form type, click on the Attached Files field to open the File Upload Properties box. Select at least one acceptable type of file you'd like candidates to use. You can also specify the maximum number of files (from 1 to 25) that candidates are allowed to upload. Click Done editing when you're finished selecting your options.

Staff//Notifications Tab

10. In the STAFF // NOTIFICATIONS tab, set the Default Note Visibility to specify the default visibility level for notes in the Candidate Details page of each application.

11. Auto-assign staff member(s) to new applications for a particular job listing by choosing their names from the Staff Owner(s) list. You can hold the CTRL key while clicking to select or deselect names from the list.

12. Select the Receive an email alert for each candidate? box if you want your business to be notified by email whenever someone applies for this job opening. If the job opening has staff owners, the email alert will be sent to these staff members. Otherwise, the alert will be sent to the general email specified in your business's profile.

13. You can set up a default response for each job opening. When an application has been submitted, the candidate will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application. Select the response you want to send from the Choose an Auto-Response list. Read more on Response Templates.

14. Optionally choose a Success URL that candidates will be redirected to after they have successfully submitted an application.

15. Click Save Job Listing to save your changes.

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