Candidates are assigned to a reviewer by the Administrator of the account. A common work-flow scenario for the reviewer is to Sign in to Talentd, view, vote on and make a note on a candidate. You can easily do all three steps on one screen.

Here are the steps:

1. Sign in to Talentd.

2. Select a candidate from your candidate list. A view of the submitted file (PDF, image, or text, streaming video or audio player) will automatically open.  From this screen, you can read or review the candidate's application.

3. To vote on the candidate, click the Thumbs Up , ? , or Thumbs Down icons up and to the right of the resume file(s).

4. To make a note, enter text into the dialog box on the right-hand side of the screen. Additionally, a file can be attached to the application along with a note.
Finally, choose who to make the note visible to: All staff makes it available to those who have been assigned to review resume, Private includes only Level 4 and 5 staff, and Submitter includes only the candidate.  Save the note by clicking the Add Note button.

5. Send an email to the candidate by clicking the Envelope icon located just to the left of the Add Note button.

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