Enabling and Disabling Rating

Rating candidates is enabled by default for your business, but can be turned on and off:

1. Click the Settings tab in the main navigation bar and select Profile.

2. To remove all rating functionality, uncheck the Enabling Staff Rating box. This will not delete any existing rating data, so you can turn it off and back on and all of the the previous ratings and scores will still be there.

3. Click Update Profile.

How to Rate a Candidate

1. In the Candidates tab, click the name of the candidate you'd like to rate.

2. In the Candidate Details page, you will see 3 rating option buttons at the upper right-hand side of the page: yes, maybe, and no

To submit a rating, simply click on the applicable button. If you have already rated the candidate, the button you selected will be highlighted. After at least one rating has been submitted, the candidate will be given a score. Level 4 and 5 staff members will see the current score in a circle at the top left part of the page.

Rating and User Permissions

Levels 1-3:

Level 1 and 2 staff may rate any of their assigned candidates, but will only be able to see their own ratings. Level 3 staff may rate their assigned candidates, as well as see other team members' ratings for those assigned candidates. In the Candidates List, an icon in the far left column allows them to quickly see which candidates they have already rated.

Levels 4 and 5:

Level 4 and 5 staff may rate any candidate, and they will be able to see an overall "score" for each candidate based upon the current rating totals. This score appears in the Candidates List and can be used to sort the list using the "+/-" header link. The score is also visible in the Candidate Details view.

If you click on the score in either view, you will see the list of staff members, their ratings, and the current and average scores.

How Scores are Calculated

Scoring is a simple calculation:

  • Each "yes" rating = +1
  • Each "no" rating = -1
  • Each "maybe" rating = 0

We add up all of the rating values for a resume to determine the total score. If a candidate has not received at least one rating, it does not have a score.

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