If your organization uses our Additional Forms feature, you'll be excited to learn that Submittable has made significant upgrades to our Additional Forms creator. Below is a list of the changes we've made. We hope you enjoy using this much improved version of additional forms!

  1. You can access additional forms through convenient navigation from any page on your organization site.

2. The additional form toolbox now includes ALL of the same tools that are in the regular forms toolbox (previously, additional forms included only a limited set of toolbox options). There are also several new tools in the toolbox, included dedicated fields for requesting a submitter's  Name, Address, Number, and Email.

3. We've added the ability to preview your additional form as you're building it by clicking the new Preview button at the top right of the page.

4.  You can now duplicate entire additional forms, as well as any form fields within an additional form (including content), by clicking on the copy icon shown below.

5. We've added a WYSIWYG ( "what you see is what you get") editor to style Text Only form fields, as well as for use in formatting any additional information below the fields (previously, no styling/formatting was available when creating these areas of a form).

7. You can now create your own label names for conditional logic branches (previously, branches were designated by auto-generated numbers). With new Additional Forms, you can add custom names to your branches, which helps to keep them organized.

Questions? Contact us at support@submittable.com

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