Here is a collection of our video tutorials to help you manage your organization’s Submittable account:

Getting Started - An overview of how to begin using your Submittable account to set up a call for submissions, add team members, and rate submissions.

How to Rate Submissions (Thumbs Up/Down) - Learn how to rate submissions using our simple yes/no/maybe rating system.

How to Rate Submissions (Custom Reviews) - Learn how to rate submissions using a custom review form.

How to Create a Custom Review - Create a custom review form using the Review Designer.

How to Add a Team Member - Add team members to your organization’s account and assign your preferred permission levels for each team member.

Submittable Gallery View  - Learn how Submittable’s Gallery View feature can enable you to easily collect and display video and image files.

Submittable for Grants - An overview of the benefits of using Submittable to accept and review grant applications.

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