Team members can filter and sort the submissions that are shown in their Submissions List.


To use your search filters, go to your Submissions List and click Show Search Filters. This will open your search filters options.

You can use multiple criteria at once, and there are a number of different criteria to choose from: 

  • Form: View submissions in specific forms
  • From: View submissions that came on and after a specific submission date
  • To: View submissions that came before, and will come until, a specific submission date
  • Label: Filter by label
  • Assigned: View submissions assigned to specific team, all team, or unassigned submissions
  • Status: Filter by submission status
  • Rating: Filter submissions by whether or not you have rated them yet (Note: This feature is in beta. Please email if you're interested in using it.)

Once you have selected your filter criteria, click Filter Results. To clear your filters, click Clear filters. To hide your search filters, click Hide Search Filters.


To change the order in which submissions appear in your Submissions List, click on any of the column headers at the top of the Submissions List.

  • +/- : Sort by ascending or descending submission scores
  • Submission: Sort by ascending or descending submission title
  • Submitter: Sort by ascending or descending submitter name
  • Form: Sort by ascending or descending form name
  • Date: Sort by ascending or descending date
  • Status: Sort by ascending or descending status
  • Assigned: Sort by ascending or descending assigned team members (Note: To see a list of who is assigned to a submission when there are multiple team members assigned, click Multiple Team Members next to that submission)
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