By default, when you click on a submission's name in the Submissions tab and are taken to the Submission Details page, you'll see the Summary view containing details about the submission, such as its title, cover letter, and any files that the submitter uploaded with the submission.

To view a specific file in the Submission Details page:

1. Scroll down in the Summary view until you see the File Upload section. Hover your mouse over the file you want to view and click the name of the file or the download icon (downwards-facing arrow button) to the right of the file name. (Note: If you'd like to download and print the file, click the download icon to the far-right of the file name to download the file and print it.)

2. You'll be taken to the File view, where you can preview the entire uploaded file. If there are multiple files in the submission, you can navigate to them by clicking on the < > arrow buttons or choosing a specific file from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen.

3. To switch back to the Summary view, click the X button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

4. To set whether your default view is the File view or the Summary view, click the Options menu at the top of the Submission Details page and check or uncheck the At opening show file preview check box. The next time you visit the Submission Details page, your preferred default view will appear.

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