Our Gallery View feature allows organizations to display submissions online in a gallery for a public audience to view and/or rate. This is useful for organizations who would like to share their submissions with the public (e.g. to announce the finalists of a contest) or who would like the public to vote on submissions (e.g. to help determine the winners of a contest). This is also useful for organizations that may wish for their internal review team to view submissions in a gallery format.

This feature is available for videos, animated GIFs, and for image submissions that are JPG, TIFF, GIF, or PNG files.

The Gallery View feature can be added to any account for an additional fee. To sign up for Gallery View, please contact our support team at support@submittable.com.

To set up Gallery View, follow these steps:

  1. In your Forms page, click the name of an existing form for which you'd like to enable Gallery View or click Add Form to create a new form.

2. In your General Settings tab, check the Enable Gallery View checkbox. Click Save Form and Keep editing to save and view your Gallery View features in the General Settings tab.

3. By default, all submissions for this form will be displayed in your gallery. If you would like to show only certain submissions, click on the dropdown menu beneath the Enable Gallery View checkbox and select a label of your choice. All submissions for this form that you label with your selected label will show in your gallery.

4. If you would like to allow voting for submissions that appear in your Gallery View, check the Enable Voting in Gallery View checkbox. Anyone with a Submittable account and the link to your Gallery View webpage will be able to vote on your Gallery View submissions.

5. If you'd like to validate user email addresses before users can vote in Gallery View, check the box that states, Checking this box will require users have a valid email address before voting. Voters will be sent an email containing a link they must click to validate their email address. See more info in step 3 below.

6. Click the Form Designer tab. To display specific form field data in Gallery View, check the Gallery View checkbox in your preferred fields. The form fields that can be displayed in Gallery View include the Cover Letter, Text Box, Text Area, Dropdown, Checkbox, Checkbox List, Radio List, URL, and File Upload fields. For the File Upload field(s), the acceptable file types must include videos, animated GIFs, and/or image submissions that are JPG, TIFF, GIF, or PNG files. (Note: Audio files, text files, and PDFs will only appear in the Gallery View if the submitter has uploaded a video or image file for a Gallery View-enabled File Upload field; the audio, text, or PDF files will only show as downloadable links.)

7. When you're finished making any other preferred edits to your form, click Save Form.

To view your Gallery View webpage, follow these steps:

  1. If you've chosen to only display submissions that have a specific label (see step 3 above), go to your Submissions List or Submission Details page and label the submissions you want to display. You can also use our auto-labels feature to automatically label submissions based on the answer a submitter gives in your submission form. If you did not choose a specific label in step 3 above, then all submissions in your specified f will display in Gallery View by default.

2. Go to your Forms page and click the paperclip icon next to the name of the form containing the submissions you want displayed. Click the link under Direct link to the Gallery View for this form. (Note: You can also find the Gallery View webpage link on the General Settings tab when editing your form. Click on Shareable link to your Gallery View in the Enable Gallery View section.)

3.  If you've enabled Gallery View voting (see step 4 above), any visitor to your gallery will be able to vote on a submission. To vote, visitors click on a submission to view it and then click the thumbs up button. Visitors must be logged in to or create a Submittable account before they can vote on a submission. To help preserve the integrity of the voting process, you may choose to require email validation before a vote will be counted (see step 5 above). Submittable validates voter email addresses by sending voters an email containing a link they must click to validate their email address. Here's an example of a validation email:

          Thanks for using Submittable. Our records show you've created a akjsd .                       Submittable account for sampleemail@email.com. Please click the                                   following link to validate your email address:




Note: If a visitor has logged into Submittable using Facebook, he or she will not receive a validation email, since Facebook has already validated the address.

4. If the visitor has voted and wants to remove his or her vote, then he or she can simply click on the thumbs up button again.

5. To view the files within a submission, click on the submission. Click on a file to view or play it. If there are multiple files in the submission, click the left and right < > arrow buttons to navigate between the files. Only video, image, and animated GIF files will show in the Gallery View, though in the future, all file types will show. In addition, any form field data that you have specified as being viewable in Gallery View (see step 5 above) will show below the images in the public Submission Details page. Note: Currently, visitors can only vote for an entire submission, rather than for individual files within a submission.

6. To go back to the general Gallery View webpage, click the X button in the upper-right-hand corner of the public Submission Details page.

To download a CSV file of your gallery view voters, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Forms page and click the name of the specific Form.

2. In the General Settings tab, scroll down to the Enable Voting in Gallery View section. Click the Download list of voters link. (Note: This link will only appear if you've received at least one vote in your Gallery View.)

3. You'll immediately download a CSV file containing your Gallery View voting data, including Submission IDs, Submission Titles, and voter information.

Questions or interested in adding Gallery View to your account plan? Email us at support@submittable.com.

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