Submittable's Private Note feature enables readers to make comments on a submission that are only view-able to themselves (and also to any level 4 or 5 team members). Private notes are useful in situations where you don't want readers to influence each other. And also in situations where reviewers  simply want to make a note that only they (and no other reviewers) will see.

To add a Private Note:

  1. Select the submission you want to comment on from the Submissions page to open the Submission Details page.
  2. In the Add note... box in the upper right-hand corner of the page, type your message.
  3. Select the Private option in the Visibility drop down menu.
  4. Click the Add Note button to save the note.

The note you made will only be view-able by you and anyone with level 4 or 5 permissions. Submitters will never see Private notes. In order for a submitter to "see" a note, you would need to choose the Submitter option in the drop down.

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