Note: this article contains instructions for our standard reporting feature. For Advanced Reporting help documentation click here.


Submittable enables your organization's level 4 and 5 team members to create, save, and download standard reports with customized data about received submissions.

To Create a Standard Report

  1. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, select Reports > Standard Reports.

2. Under the Create Report tab, use the Forms dropdown menu to select the form for which you want to create a report. Or, you may also type the name of the form, then select the form name when it appears.

3. By default, the date range for which you can view data will be from the date when the form received its first submission, to the date when the form received its most recent submission. Edit the Dates fields as needed.

4. You can filter your selected submissions by label,  submission status, submission rating (with/without), add-on payments (with/without), and form status (active/archived). To filter by any of these criteria, make your desired choices in the drop down menus and/or checkboxes shown below.

5. In the Fields toolbox, expand the Submitter and Form sections by clicking on each section name. Choose the fields for which you’d like to see data. You can choose from Submitter fields (such as email, first and last name, and address) and Form fields (such as Submission ID, status, score, and specific fields from your form). If your form uses a custom review form, you can select review form data in a Reviews section. If an additional form has been sent for submitters to this form, you can choose additional form data in section(s) titled after the unique name of each additional form request.

6. As you select your preferred fields in the Fields toolbox, data from these fields will appear in the Data Preview window. Click All next to the section name to select all fields for that section. Click None to deselect all fields. You can preview fields for up to 20 submissions. (Note: Data from all applicable submissions will be included in your report download.)

7. When you’ve finished selecting fields for your report, click the Report Name field to name your report.

8. Next to the Download button, select Include Files if you would like to download files that submitters or team members uploaded for this form (including files for File Upload fields, internal fields, tables, and reference letters). Select Include PDFs if you would like to download an individual PDF overview of each submission in this report. (Note: The Include Files option is only available when the total size of all submission files in your report is no more than 10GB. The Include PDFs option is only available when there are 500 or fewer submissions in the report.)

9. Click Save Report.

10. Click Download Report.

11. A dialog box will open informing you that your download is being processed, and you will receive an email when your report is ready to be downloaded. Click Check Downloads to go to your Downloads page, where you can view the status of your report and download processed reports. (Note: The email notification will also contain a link you can click to directly download the report.)

12. On the Downloads page, locate your report. Click the Download button next to it. Your report will be in a ZIP format.

To View and Download a Saved Standard Report

  1. Click the Reports menu in the upper-right corner of your account. Select Submissions.

  2. In the Report dropdown menu, type a search query to find a previously saved report created by you or your team members. Or, click the arrow in the dropdown menu to expand the menu and select the report name directly. Click the X next to the report name to clear the selected report and choose a new one.

  3. A preview of the saved report will appear in the Data Preview window. Edit the date range in the Dates section and change the selected fields in the Fields toolbox as needed.

  4. Follow steps 6 to 10 above to name and download your report.


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