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I can't find my submissions in my account. Where did they go?
I can't find my submissions in my account. Where did they go?
If you are unable to find your submissions, you may have more than one Submittable account.
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When you make an initial submission using Submittable, you are asked to create a free account that is associated with your email address.  In order to access submissions made with that account, you must sign in to Submittable with the same email address that you used when setting up your account.

Sometimes, however, users inadvertently create second or third accounts (with different email addresses) when making additional submissions. This can cause confusion, since these submissions will now be located in separate accounts despite belonging to the same user.

If you sign in and do not see a submission that you expected to see, you may have accidentally created a separate account using a different email address in the past. To check, first sign out by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the page and selecting Logout. Next, go to this sign-in page and try to sign in with another email address you may have used in the past. You can use the forgot password option if you no longer remember your password.

If you find that you do have multiple accounts and would like to have them consolidated, we can merge those accounts for you.

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