When a submission is made to your organization, it will appear in your Submissions list with a New status. From the submitter's view, a new submission will show as Received in their submission list. As soon as the first action is taken on a submission -such as assigning it to a reviewer or leaving a note or a review - the submission will automatically change to an In-Progress status. (Note: If submissions are set to be auto-assigned, this auto-assignment will not trigger a change from New to In-Progress. Only manually assigned submissions will cause that status change.)

Once a submission is In-Progress, all subsequent status changes need to be made by site administrators (Level 4 or Level 5). Status changes can be made in bulk from the Submissions List page, or individually from the Submission Details page. Most often, administrators will send a response template or email message when changing a submission to a terminal status (Accepted, Declined, Completed, or Withdrawn). However, it is also possible to change a submission's status without notifying the submitter. The option to change a submission status without emailing the submitter will appear in the status change dialog box in the Response Template dropdown option. The only time this option will not be available is when you are changing a status to Editable, in which case it is mandatory to notify the submitter.

Additionally, if you have a concealed form set up, any time a submission from that Project/Form is changed to a terminal status (Accepted, Declined, Completed, or Withdrawn), the concealed setting will be removed from that submission, and assigned reviewers will be able to see all of the previously concealed information.


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