When a submission is made to your organization, it will appear in your submissions list with a New status. From the submitter's view, a new submission will show as Received in their account. As soon as the first action is taken on a submission, such as assigning it to a reviewer or leaving a note or a review, the submission will automatically change to an In Progress status.

Once a submission is In Progress, any subsequent status changes need to be made by site administrators (Levels 4 or 5). Status changes can be made in bulk from the submissions list page or individually from within the submission's details.

Usually, administrators will send a response template or email message when moving a submission to a terminal status (Accepted, Declined, Completed, or Withdrawn). However, it is also possible to change a submission's status without notifying the submitter, a choice you can make in the dialog box:

Please note: Moving submissions to a terminal status (Accepted, Declined, Completed, Withdrawn) removes any concealment that may have been previously applied.

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