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How can I add Branching to my Project?
How can I add Branching to my Project?

Use Submittable's Form Logic feature to build branching based on submitter responses.

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Submittable's Form Logic feature enables you to use branching in your submission forms so that certain questions or form fields will only appear if users select specific responses. This can be very helpful for simplifying long application forms so that applicants don’t have to sift through questions that don’t apply to them. You can also use Form Logic to write “gatekeeper” questions to determine applicant eligibility, or to save time for reviewers who may only need to evaluate certain criteria.

Form Logic is available by request. If you’re interested in adding this feature, please contact our Account Management team here.

Form Logic can be used when creating Initial Forms, Review Forms, and Additional Forms.

To use Form Logic, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Form you will be using and click +New Form to create a new Form, or begin working to edit an existing form.

  2. Drag a Dropdown List, Multiple Response Question, or Single Response Question field from the Toolbox into your form. The originating field for a Form Logic branch MUST be one of these fields.

  3. Write your question and enter the optional answers for the question.

  4. Check the Enable Branching checkbox in the form field.

  5. Create branch entry boxes will appear to the right of each optional answer. Enter a name for the branch you're creating. Each branch will automatically be assigned a color. Note: You can use up to thirty branches in a form.

  6. Once you've designated a branch for an optional answer, identify what kind of form field you want users to see next if they choose that answer. Note: You can designate any type of form field to appear when a branch is selected. Drag and drop your desired form field into your submission form. The example below shows a date field for applicants who answered Yes, asking on what date they previously applied for the same opportunity. Click on the Add Branch dropdown in the upper left area of the field, and select the branch to which this field should be connected.

    In this example, the Date field is now branched (connected) to the Yes response in the previous question.

  7. Click Preview at the top of your page to test that your branching is working properly.

  8. You can see below how the branching configuration shown above will work when viewed by submitters.

  9. Click the dropdown arrow icon to the right of any branch to show the Manage Branch Labels link. This will bring up a dialog box that enables you to delete or change the name of any branches currently existing in your form.

  10. Continue to add branches and sub-branches as needed in your form field. When you’re finished, click Save Form.

If you'd like to add Form Logic to your account, contact our Account Management team here.

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