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Submittable Quick Start Guide
Getting Started for Reviewers (Video and FAQ)
Getting Started for Reviewers (Video and FAQ)

If you've received an invitation to join an organization on Submittable, start with this video tutorial and some FAQs.

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What is Submittable?

Submittable is a platform that organizations use to:

  • Collect submissions or applications;

  • Collaborate with applicants and their teams;

  • Review submissions and make decisions; and

  • Report on their results.

Submittable is a flexible platform that can be used for all kinds of processes, from grants to awards, from scholarships to contests, from events (virtual or otherwise) to publishing—and everything in between.

What will I be able to do on Submittable?

Reviewers can use Submittable to review assigned submissions, which could include yes/no voting or more extensive feedback. There are different permission levels in Submittable, as shown in the chart below. “Reviewer” refers generally to a Level 1, 2, or 3 team member who does not have the ability to create forms or projects. Some of what you’ll be able to do in Submittable will vary depending on your permission level. Refer to the chart below for more information.

How do I know if I’m a reviewer?

When added to Submittable as a reviewer, you’ll receive an email letting you know. When you log in, the top navigation bar in your account will look like this:

Why is my Submittable account blank?

Reviewers interact only with the submissions or applications that are assigned to you. It is common that you’ll be added to an account as a reviewer before any submissions have been received or assigned to you. If you don’t see any submissions listed when you sign in, then that is the case.

How will I know when I have a new assignment?

When an application is assigned to you, you’ll receive an email alerting you and you’ll also see it listed upon logging in.

I don’t see my assigned submissions when I sign in.

You may be looking at the wrong view. When your Submittable account is created, by default, a personal account will accompany your team account. If your top navigation bar looks like this:

It simply means that you are viewing your personal account (a submitter view). To toggle back to the team view, simply click on your initials in the top right corner and select the organization account under “Team Accounts” to return to the reviewer view.

How do I leave a review?

After logging in, open a submission by selecting the submission name, and then go to the Reviews tab on the right. Here you can either vote Yes, No, or Maybe using the thumb icons, or leave qualitative and/or quantitative feedback through a custom review form created by the organization. You can save your review as needed, and submit it when complete. Learn more.

Why is a response labeled as [Concealed] or left blank?

Organizations have the ability to mark designated questions as [Concealed] in order to reduce bias and/or facilitate an anonymous review process. In these instances, the response will be either labeled [Concealed] or left blank. With questions about why a question has been kept anonymous, contact your account administrator.

I have a question about my organization’s review process.

Submittable is a flexible platform that can support a variety of workflows, multiple rounds of review, accepting, declining, or completing submissions, as well as distributing funds to applicants. Our support team won’t know the ins and outs of the organization’s process—so if you have questions, the best thing to do is contact your account administrator.

Why can’t I message a submitter or accept a submission?

Levels 3 and above are able to message submitters and accept or decline submissions. If you’re not able to perform these tasks, you are a level 1 or 2. Your account administrator has the ability to change your permission level if desired.

Why can’t I reassign a submission?

Levels 2 and above are able to reassign submissions. If you are not able to perform this task, you are a level 1. Your account administrator has the ability to change your permission level if desired.

I’m interested in creating an opportunity on Submittable.

Levels 4 and 5 are able to design forms and launch new projects on Submittable. Your account administrator has the ability to change your permission level if desired. Should you be interested in creating a separate Submittable account, learn more here or contact our team.

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