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How do I resend or change a reference request?
How do I resend or change a reference request?

You can resend a reference request, or change your request recipient by editing your submission.

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When requesting a reference through an application or submission form, you'll enter the email of your reference, and optionally include a personal note.

Resending a Reference Request

You can resend the request by signing into your Submittable account. Select the submission from the list view under the Submissions tab. Then, toggle to the Forms tab to view the content of your submission.

Scroll down to the reference request field, where you'll see when you sent your request, and to whom. Send another request by selecting "Resend Request."

Changing a Reference

To change your reference, you'll need your submission to be opened to editing by the organization. To request that it be opened to editing, select the submission from the main list view, and then choose Edit in the top right corner. Please note, not all organizations give submitters this option--if you don't see an edit option but need to make a change, please contact the organization directly.

You can then include a note for the organization explaining why you need to edit the submission--in this case, to change a reference:

To submit the request, select Submit request.

You'll receive an email letting you know that your submission has been opened to editing. Click the View Form in the email you receive to be taken directly to the editable application form. Alternatively, you can sign in to your Submittable account, select the submission from the list view, where it will be marked with a purple Editable status.

Then, select the Edit button on the top right, or toggle to the Forms tab and select the purple Edit button. Either action will open the form you need to edit.

You're now ready to change your reference. Scroll down to the reference request field, and select Cancel.

Then confirm the cancellation by clicking "Cancel Request" in the pop up box.

You can now add a new reference. Simply enter your reference and an optional note, just as when you originally requested.

Select Send Request Now to request the reference.

Then, select "Submit Form" to submit your application once more. It will then be closed to editing.


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