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Release Notes: October 15, 2020
Release Notes: October 15, 2020

New features, tweaks, and enhancements to Submittable released October 1 - 15 2020 (v3.1235 - v3.1240).

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What's new

  • Add a message to reference emails: You can now add a message to the email that will be sent to referees. Find it in Reference Form field on your Initial or Additional forms.

Also released

Bugs squashed

  • Submission list exports correctly honor all submission list filters.

  • Changing Review Stage or Submission Status then Assigning/Unassigning team members is now correctly working on the Submission Details page.

  • Manual Submissions will successfully complete when the submit button is clicked during auto-save.

  • Email addresses or website URLs entered into a field with an erroneously copied space will no longer trigger a validation error.

  • Calendar feature correctly functions within Discover.

  • Team members can no longer access or edit someone else's review.

  • A rating field's total score can now be selected in standard reporting.

  • Clearer messaging added to confirmation and document request page.

  • Pending Team Invite Modal updated to correctly display the generic notifications email as opposed to the organization's main email address.

  • The Response Template placeholder tag [Award Amount] now functioning again with every action.

  • Collaborators' emails are now concealed on project that is set up for Concealed Review.

  • If a team member gets added to a team but creates a Submittable account without accepting their invitation, they’ll now see in the org list dropdown that they need to go check their email and accept their invitation.

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