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What sent-from email address will show when I send messages?
What sent-from email address will show when I send messages?

What your messages to submitters look like.

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There are three areas in the Submittable platform where you are able to send a message to submitters. Depending on where your message originates from and what action it is tied to, you may have options for selecting the message's sent-from address.

Sending a Message from the Submission List View

To send a message from the submission list view, click on the checkbox next to a submission in the list. Then click on Send Message in the header:

You will see the following dialogue box:

Messages sent in this way will always be received from a randomized sent-from address that looks like this:

Submitters will have the option to reply. Any replies will be received at your organization's main email address.

Sending a Message with a Status Change update, Request to Edit, or Additional Form

Sending messages that are accompanied by an action, such as changing a submission status, requesting an edit, or sending an additional form, will always allow the option to choose the sent-from email, as seen in the dialog box below.

Senders can choose whether the email comes from their organization's main email address or their personal account email address. The two addresses will be shown alongside the selection options as pictured below:

Note: When a team member sends a message using the organization’s email, the organization will see the team member’s first and last names next to the organization’s email. From the submitter’s perspective, they will only see the organization's name as the sent-from address. This allows the organization to tell which team member sent the message to the submitter.

Sending a Message from the Submission Details Page

When you open a submission, you'll have the option to choose whether the sent-from email address is your personal address or your organization's address. In the column on the right, click on the Messages tab, then click on New Message:

In the From dropdown, you'll see the options for which email address you want the message to come from, Personal or Organization:

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