Occasionally, organizations may want to extend a Project deadline for a certain group of submitters, while letting the initial deadline expire as planned for others.

If you want to extend a deadline only to submitters who have started a draft submission for your Project, you can do this by sending a message via the Draft Submissions feature. In your message, let them know your plans for creating the extension. For instance, if you plan to make your Project hidden after the initial deadline expires, send a message letting those potential applicants know that they'll be able to re-visit their existing drafts after you make the Project hidden. This will prevent new applicants from finding your call, while allowing those with saved drafts to find and complete themselves after the original deadline is expired (and the project has been changed to live, yet hidden.

If you want to extend a deadline to specific submitters who have not yet started a draft, you'll need to identify those submitters to whom you'd like to extend the deadline, and also have their email addresses in your possession. Next, contact this group outside of the Submittable system with relevant information about your deadline extension. It's necessary to contact them outside of the Submittable platform since they'll not yet have submitted to your Project, and thus will not yet be reachable through Submittable's in-app messaging system

After contacting the selected group to which you want to extend a deadline, follow these steps to switch your Project from to a live but hidden status. This will prevent any unwanted applicant's from finding your call on your public facing Submittable page.

  1. Navigate to the Project for which you'd like to extend the deadline.

  2. Under the General Settings tab, change the Expires On date to the new deadline date, and check the Hidden checkbox. This will make your Project hidden from public view.

  3. Make sure your Project is configured to be both Live and Hidden.

  4. After doing this, you'll want to reach back out to your selected group and send them the Direct Link to your newly hidden Project.. You may also want to send another reminder via the Draft Submissions feature, letting those would-be submitters know they have continued access to their saved drafts for completion.


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