DocuSign Integration

Send a document from your organization's DocuSign account to a submitter for signature.

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When you need an agreement of any kind signed within the Submittable platform, the DocuSign Integration feature can replace makeshift documents and problematic e-signature software. Docusign integration can be performed by Team members with permission levels 3, 4, and 5, who also have access to your organization's DocuSign account.

Authenticate a DocuSign account with Submittable

After creating a DocuSign account, each team member must authenticate that account with Submittable. This can be done in two places.

1. While you're sending a DocuSign template:

2. Or from the Integrations page (More > Integrations > eSign):

Note: You must have a DocuSign account. The integration is going to search for the authentication of your default account in DocuSign. If you are trying to use a different DocuSign account, you may need to change the default.

Create a DocuSign template

1. From your account in DocuSign, go to the Templates section, then click New > Create Template:

2. Name your template and give it a description (optional). Upload your signature document:

3. Add the recipients of your signature document. At least one of the recipients needs to have the Role of Signer.

4. Add a custom email message (optional):

5. Click Next at the bottom of the page.

6. On the left you'll see Standard Fields you can click and drag to your signature document. In this example, Signature and Date Signed have been added to the document.

7. Next, move to Custom Fields and click the plus sign (+) to create a new field:

8. Name the custom field according to Submittable's placeholder tags. A list of usable tags can be found at the end of this article.

  • OrganizationName will pull the Name of your account from Submittable.

  • A short title in Initial Value will identify the field in your signature document.

You can scroll for other optional settings for your fields. Click Save when you're finished.

9. Click and drag the custom fields to your signature document.

10. Click Save and Close at the bottom of the page.

Send a DocuSign Template

DocuSign documents can be sent from a submission's details when:

  • Changing a status

  • Sending an additional form

1. Return to your Submittable account.

2. Open the submission (by clicking its title or number) that will receive the DocuSign template.

3. Select Accept, Decline, Complete, In-Progress, or Withdraw to access the DocuSign template response option.

4. Click to select your DocuSign template:

5. Your DocuSign template is ready to send!

Messaging with DocuSign Integration

The submitter (and any other recipients specified) will receive an email from DocuSign with a link to the document.

The organization is notified via DocuSign when a signature is complete.

A note appears in the Activity log of the submission indicating that a message has been sent.

Placeholder Tags for DocuSign Integration

Note: DocuSign is case-sensitive: capitalization matters.

Placeholder Tags

for Custom Field "Name"



Submission title


Name of the project


First name of the submitter


Last name of the submitter


First name of the logged-in team member


Last name of the logged-in team member


The name of your organization


Your website URL


Amount awarded


Direct link to the submitter's view for this application


Direct link to the login page


The 7 or 8-digit unique identifier for a submission that appears in the
URL of the submission's Details page


Globally Unique Identifier, used by programmers only

To add the DocuSign Integration feature to your account, please contact an account manager.

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