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Scheduling an Additional Form
Scheduling an Additional Form

Schedule an additional form to be sent in the future.

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You can schedule a certain date and time that your additional form is sent to submitters.

Schedule an Additional Form

To set up the scheduled date and time:

1. From the submission list view, select the submission(s) that will receive the additional form, then click Additional Forms.

2. On the modal that opens, select the additional form to be sent. Select a deadline, if applicable. Select an email template, if you've prepared one for this additional form, or add your own email subject and message. Attach a file if desired.

3. Scroll down and you'll see the Schedule to send date picker:

4. Select the date and time you want the additional form to be sent, then click Send Additional Forms. The time zone matches your organization's public profile setting.

Check Status of Scheduled Additional Forms

You can check the status of your scheduled additional forms by opening a submission to see the scheduled form:

Or for a fuller picture, go to the Additional Forms list page (Forms>Additional Forms). Click on the Scheduled Requests link:

You'll see the information for each submission, as well as a link you can use to rescind the additional form:

Additional Form Scheduling - FAQs

  • How can I change the date of a scheduled additional form? Rescind the request, then set up a new scheduled send date and resend.

  • How can I cancel a scheduled additional form? Rescind the request.

  • How many additional forms can I schedule at a time? 500 additional forms can be scheduled at a time. If you have more than 500 to schedule, set your list view for 500 submissions and move from page to page to schedule in 500-submission groups.

  • Can I schedule a DocuSign document to be sent in the future? No, there is not currently a way to schedule DocuSign documents.

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