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Additional Form Collaboration
Additional Form Collaboration

Organizations can allow Collaboration on additional forms. Submitters can invite collaborators. Collaborators can see and contribute.

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Additional Forms are a useful way to collect further information from applicants after they’ve completed a submission. We've added Collaboration to make them even better.

For Organizations

As a level 4 or 5 team member, go to Forms > Additional Forms and open the additional form. The collaboration option appears directly under the Additional Form Name:

The additional form can only be sent to the original submitter. When they open it, they'll see a Manage Collaborators link where they'll be able to invite collaborators to participate.

Only the original submitter can submit the additional form. When the additional form has been submitted, the collaborator email addresses will appear in the submission details:

Organization FAQs

Can we enable collaboration after additional forms have been sent out? Yes. If the submitters can't see the Manage Collaborators link, ask them to refresh their page.

Can we include collaborators in messages? Yes. Collaborators will be among those you can message within this submission. They will appear along with the submitter and any team members assigned to the submission.

What if we turn off collaboration for an additional form after it has been sent out? Applicants will no longer have the ability to invite or message collaborators. If they have already invited collaborators, the collaborators will still be able to access the form.

Please note: Collaboration cannot occur within Fraud Prevention form fields.

For Submitters

After you receive an additional form, open it and click the Manage Collaborators button:

Step 1: Invite

Add one or multiple email addresses to the field where indicated. Click Enter or tab to lock the entry, then click Invite:

  • Your collaborators will receive an automated email that contains a link to the additional form. They will be prompted to sign in to their Submittable account (or create one if necessary). They can also return to the form later.

  • A pending invitation means that the collaborator has not yet accessed the additional form.

  • If your collaborators are not receiving the invitation, be sure you have the correct email address, and ask them to safelist our notification email address and check their spam folders.

Step 2: Email Collaborators

After you've invited collaborators, you can return to the Manage Collaborators tool to send a message to all collaborators, pending and accepted:

  • This message will go to ALL collaborators. No other parties can be included in this message, and no pending or accepted collaborators can be excluded.

  • These messages will not be kept on the platform and cannot be accessed later.

FAQs for Submitters

  • Can collaborators submit the additional form? No. Only the original submitter can submit the form. Every collaborator on the additional form will be notified by email when the submitter submits the form.

  • What can a collaborator see in my account? Not much. Collaborators only have permission to see the forms that they have been invited to, and will not see the original submission, other forms, or any other information in your account.

  • How will I know when my collaborators are finished? Submitters and collaborators must communicate outside of the platform, except for the one-way message that the submitter can send through the Manage Collaborators tool.

  • My form's been opened for editing. How can I alert my collaborators? You can message them from the Manage Collaborators tool within the additional form.

For Collaborators

When you receive an email invitation to collaborate, click the Get Started button:

If you have a Submittable account, you will be prompted to sign in. If you don't, please take a moment to sign up with your email address and password. Once you've accessed the form, add your information and click Save Draft at the end of the form before you close it.

To return to the form, click the Collaborations tab in your Submittable account, then Continue:

Collaborators will be able to view and edit the form but will NOT be able to submit the form. After the additional form has been submitted, the word Continue will change to View, and you'll be able to see the completed form.

FAQs for Collaborators

  • How will I know when the additional form has been submitted? Every collaborator on the additional form will be notified by email when the submitter submits the form.

  • How can I let the submitter know I've finished adding my part? Collaborators must communicate outside of the platform to let the submitter know when their portion is complete.

  • Is there a record of my communication with the submitter? No. A record of the communication is not stored or shown to the users after it is sent.

  • I haven't received my invitation to collaborate. What can I do? A few things: Check with the submitter to be sure they have the correct email address. Check your spam folder. Safelist our notification email address.

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