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Social Security Number / ITIN Form Field
Social Security Number / ITIN Form Field

Request SSNs and ITINs using this form field.

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The Social Security Number/ITIN form field in Submittable's form builder is a convenient way to collect social security numbers (SSNs) and individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITINs). This form field uses formatting and validation rules to conform with rules provided by the IRS.

This form field also adds another layer of security within the platform for the sensitive data that is being collected by:

  • Automatically enabling the Conceal Response feature for the field, and

  • Preventing collaborators from viewing the field.

Organizations can use an SSN/ITIN form field in the following forms:

  • Initial forms

  • Additional forms

  • Reference forms

  • Review forms

  • Internal forms

To Use the SSN/ITIN Form Field:

1. Drag the form field from the toolbox over to your form:

2. Name the field. This is usually done in the form of a request such as, "Enter your taxpayer identification number here."

Note that the Conceal Response option is automatically selected for you. This means that taxpayer identification numbers won't be visible to all reviewers, depending on your settings in the concealment threshold in the project.

What Will Submitters See?

Submitters will see the field obscured unless they choose to see the information:

If collaboration is enabled in the project, collaborators will not be able to edit or view the information entered in the SSN/ITIN field.

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