Where is my Additional Form?

Find additional forms in your account.

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Once you have submitted to an organization, they may send you additional forms to complete. These might be progress reports, requests for payment information, final reports, and other requests to add information to your initial submission. You can locate the form using the email notification sent to you or you can find it in your own account.

Using the Email Notification

Open the email you received from the organization. At the end of the email, you will see two buttons. One will read VIEW FORM, and the other will read VIEW SUBMISSION:

Click on VIEW FORM to be taken directly to the form to complete it. Please be sure to click Submit Form when you are finished.

Locating it in your Account

Log into the Submittable account associated with your submission. Click on the Title or Number of your submission. You'll see a clipboard icon on the far right of your submission, indicating there is an additional form attached to the submission.

Click on the Forms tab and the blue Continue button to view the form and follow the instructions:

Be sure to submit your form when you're finished!

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