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How to manage your request forms.

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If you've recently submitted an application or received an award from your organization, you might see the option to use a Request Form.

Request Forms let you reach out to the organization and can serve various purposes such as project extensions, reimbursements, purchase requests, and more. The specific use is determined by the project, but you get to decide when and if you need to use the Request Form.

Locating Your Request Forms

  • Log into the Submittable account associated with your submission. Click on the Title or Number of your submission.

  • Click on the Forms tab to see a list of available Request Forms.

  • Select Open to start the Request Form. Follow the instructions within, and select Submit when you are finished.

    • You can also save a draft of the Request Form, and access it from the Forms tab later.

Tracking the Progress of Your Request Forms

Once you have submitted your Request Form, the receiver will either Accept, Decline or ask for more information. You may receive an email notification when their decision is reached, and providing more information.

You can track the progress of your Request Forms from your Submittable Account.

  • Log into your Submittable account, and go to the My Submission tab.

  • Submissions with activity will be marked with a clipboard icon. Select the icon to see a list of all the current Form activity.

Request forms can also be accessed using the same process described above under Locating Your Request Forms.

Here you can see all the Request Forms and their status, as well as complete any Request Forms that you have saved as a draft.

Note: If you notice that a Request From is no longer present on your Forms page, you may no longer qualify for using that Request Form.

Each Request Form has a set of criteria that must be met before accessing it, and if those criteria are not met (for example, the deadline for the Request Form passes), you will not see the Request form in the view.

Collaborate on Request Forms

If the project you are submitting to has Collaboration enabled, you can collaborate on Request forms. For information on collaborating on Request forms, see Form Collaboration for Submitters.

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