Address Geocoding

Convert postal addresses into geographic coordinates.

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Address Geocoding converts postal addresses into geographic coordinates, specifically latitude and longitude.

Address Geocoding helps organizations requiring precise location data for activities such as Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) reporting or Geographic Information System (GIS) tools.

How to Use Address Geocoding

If you include the Address Form Field in any relevant forms (such as initial, internal, request, reference, or additional forms), the geocoding coordinates will automatically become available.

Once the feature is active, all postal addresses will be converted into geocoded data, viewable through Standard Reporting.

Note that geocoding is not retroactive, and will only apply to addresses received going forward.

When the submitter completes the address field and submits their form, the coordinates will be available in Standard Reporting and Advanced Reporting.

In the reporting field selection tool, locate the Address: Latitude and Address: Longitude fields.

When selected, the report will generate the latitude and longitude fields.

These fields will appear for all completed addresses, domestic and international, and are coded at the zip or postal code level.

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