You can view your submissions at any time by logging into your account and clicking on the Submissions link at the navigation bar at the top left of the page.

How to View your Submissions:

1.. Your personal Submissions List is organized into 6 categorized tabs: All Submissions, Active, Accepted, Declined, Withdrawn, and Saved Drafts. Click on any of these tabs and it will show you the submissions within it, including the title(s) of your submissions, the organization and categories to which it was submitted, and the date of the submission.

2. Locate the submission you want to view, and click on the name of the submission.

3. You'll be taken to the submission's details page. In the upper left you will see tabs for Activity, Messages, and Content. 

The Activity tab will show any activity associated with that submission, such as any status changes or message notifications.  The Messages tab will contain a record of any messages that have been sent between you and the organization, as well as enable you to send a Message to the organization if they've enabled Messages.  The Content tab will show the contents of your submission, including any uploaded files. The Forms tab will include any additional forms that have been sent to you to complete, in association with your initial submission. The Notes tab enables submitters to make notes to themselves regarding each submission. It's important to understand that the Notes tab is not a communication tool; no Notes that a submitter writes through this tab will be seen by the receiving organization.

 At the top of the page, you'll see the submission date, the organization that it was submitted to, and the submission status. To the right you'll see the actions you can optionally complete, such as downloading the submission, withdrawing, requesting an edit, or removing a submission (this will only be available if the submission is in a terminal status such as Accepted, Declined, or Completed). 

5. On the Content tab, you can view the information you entered for that submission form and download a summary of the submission by clicking the download link.

6. To go back to your Submissions list, click on Submissions in the navigation bar.


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