How can I edit my submission?

Ask the organization to open your submission for editing.

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If your submission has been sent, it is no longer editable and Submittable cannot open or edit your submission contents for you.

Does the Organization Allow Editing?

Organizations have the option of allowing edit requests.

  • If you open your submission and do not see an Edit link, the organization does not allow editing.

  • If you open your submission and see the Edit link, you can request that the submission be opened for editing. Please note that if an organization's review process has already started, they might decline your request.

If the Organization Allows Editing:

Go to your submissions list and locate your submission. Click its title or number to open. If the organization allows edit requests, you will see an Edit link in the right corner of the details. Click the Edit link to submit your request.

You may also be able to send a message to the organization. Go to your submissions list and click on the name of your submission. Then click the Messages tab. If the organization allows submitters to send messages, there will be a New Message button available. Click the New Message button to send a message the organization.

You can withdraw your submission and resubmit. Read our help article for more information about withdrawing. Withdrawing does not provide an automatic refund of your submission fee. A refund must be requested by the organization.

If the Organization Does Not Allow Editing:

Consider withdrawing the submission and starting a new one. You can also try to contact the organization. If they do not allow messaging, you can usually find a contact email or phone number on the organization's website.

If the organization approves your request, you will receive an email letting you know your submission has been opened for editing.

How to Edit After the Submission is Open:

In your Submittable account, open the submission that is now marked Editable by clicking the title:

From the submission details, go to the Forms tab:

Then click on the purple Edit button to open the submission:

Make your changes, and be sure to resubmit the form at the end when you're done:

Why can't I edit my payment field?

Fields cannot be edited where you answered a question associated with a fee:

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