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How can I export submission data and attached submission files?
How can I export submission data and attached submission files?

Download submission data and attached files directly from your organization's submissions list.

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Note: You may also selectively export submission data and files using our standard reporting tool.

Submittable enables organization administrators (levels 4 and 5) to export submission data to a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file, which is compatible with Microsoft Excel and most spreadsheet and database programs. Additionally, you can download full submissions in .pdf format for easy viewing of a complete submission.

To create an export file of your submissions:

1. Use the search filters in the Submissions tab to show the submissions containing the data you want to export. Alternatively, you can check the checkbox next to each submission.

2. Once you have the submissions filtered or selected, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the submission list:

3. Choose Export Data. You will see this dialog box:

4. Choose Export Submissions.
5. Choose From: Current Filters to download a .csv or .pdf with submission data associated with all submissions in your list; OR choose From: Selected Submissions to download a .csv or .pdf with all submission data associated with each submission in your list that you have selected.
​Submission Data (.csv): Your download will be a spreadsheet with submission data condensed into columns and rows for easy analysis.

Submission PDFs (.zip): Your download will be a .zip file containing individual folders for each submission that includes a .pdf of the submission along with each uploaded file.
​Submission Files (.zip): Your download will be a .zip file that contains only the uploaded files associated with each submission. None of the submission data entered into form fields will appear.

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