Draft Submissions

View incomplete submissions from applicants with the Draft Submissions feature.

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Whenever an applicant doesn’t complete their submission, it’s saved as a Draft Submission. The Draft Submissions feature shows a list of all the applicants with unfinished submissions.

Selecting an unfinished submission lets you send an email reminder to the applicant, giving you the chance to help your submitters complete the process. Use the message feature to send reminders to all selected applicants.

Each entry in the Draft Submission view represents an unfinished submission, and each applicant can only have a single Draft Submission. Use this information to detect applicants struggling with the submission process and reach out to them using the messaging tools.

Submitter Experience

For information on the submitter experience, see View My Draft Submissions.

Draft Submission List

  1. In the navigation bar, select More > Draft Submissions. The Draft Submissions view will open. Each entry is an unfinished submission from an applicant.

  2. You can sort through the view by clicking the Date, Submitter, or Organization headers.

  3. You can filter the view by selecting the Show Filters button.

    1. In the Show Filters dialog, you can filter by Project and Start Date.

  4. Select the submitters you want to send a reminder or select all the entries on the page.

    1. You can increase the number of entries displayed by selecting the Rows per page option at the bottom of the list.

  5. Click Send Message.

  6. In the Message window, select the template you wish to use and fill out the needed fields. For information on creating a template, see Response Templates.

  7. When you click Send Message, the email will be sent to all selected submissions. This means that if an applicant has multiple draft submissions, they will receive multiple reminders.

    If you don’t want to send multiple reminders, use the filters to limit the view to a single project and sort the view by submitter. This will let you spot duplicate entries and deselect them.

Note: You are limited to 500 recipients at a time when sending a message.

Draft Submission Details view

From the Draft Submissions list view, you can view the incomplete form from the Draft Submission Details view.

In the Draft Submissions list, click Details next to the Draft Submission you wish to view.

The Draft Submission Detail View will open. In the Draft Submission Details, you have several sections:

  • Navigation Bar: Use the navigation bar to select the next Draft Submission from the list, or return to the Draft Submission List view.

  • Messaging: You can send messages to the user from this view or view sent messages. If the submitter messaging feature is enabled in this project, submitter replies will appear here.

  • Organization Profile: Expand to view the Organization Profile associated with this submission. For more information, see Organization Profile.

  • Submitter Profile: Expand the Submitter Profile to view the Submitter's name and email address.

  • Forms: If the user has an incomplete Initial form (or a completed Eligibility Form), you can expand this section to see their responses to each form field. Incomplete Eligibility Forms cannot be viewed.

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